Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This will remain at the top of my blog until a name is drawn July 15th.
From April 5 to July 15, every time you comment on a post on my blog, your name will be entered into a draw to receive a package of goodies from me! You may comment more than once per post (bless your heart if you do), but your name will only be entered once per post. So, send me your comments and thoughts about my projects and cards and I will draw a name July 15!
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Anonymous said...

my comment - very nice way to get comments - sorry I've been negligent in the past to say thanks for all you do and share:)

Anonymous said...

ps - nice photo of you...who took it?:)

Ladybug Landing said...

Some chick in funny retro 50s glasses took the photo. She was really weird and a little bit scary. But later I realized she was my friend and I was slightly less afraid.

Quincy said...

Dear Amy,
please forgive my bad english but i am a german. I would say your site is so lovely
Best wishes
from Quincy