Sunday, September 30, 2007

Acetate Card

Acetate cards are a nice change from the usual cardstock base that we have become so accustomed to. It can be finicky at times: lining up cardstock paper with the acetate between; stamping on the slippery surface while being careful not to smudge your image; trying to avoid getting fingerprints on the acetate; creatively covering up visible adhesive on the opposite side of your clear acetate. But it's worth the effort for a special card. I have seen some of the most beautifully stunning cards made with acetate. You can purchase acetate (overhead projector sheets) from an office supply store, such as Staples.

Friday, September 21, 2007

RIBBON SAMPLERS until Sept 30th

I have a very special LIMITED TIME offer for you. Everyone likes the Stampin' Up ribbons, but it's hard to start collecting all the different types and colours. Where do you start? Well, the perfect place to start is to purchase a Ribbon Sampler.

This is how it works: Instead of the huge expense of buying all of the ribbons so that you have an assortment to choose from, you can buy a grouping of ribbons by the yard! Here are the collections and prices for each yard. If you would like, you can buy more than one yard (when my Stampin' Up demo did this over a year ago, I bought 3 yards of all of the gingham ribbons and am still enjoying the benefits of having this selection.)

1 yard each of:
1/4" grosgrain ribbon collection-----$9.46*
5/8" grosgrain ribbon collection-----$7.78*
Tafetta ribbon collection------------$9.94*
In Colour Double Stitched-----------$6.74*
Gingham ribbon collection-----------$5.72*
*BC taxes and shipping are included in the price. If you are out of my area, we can work out the cost of mailing it to your home.

If you get all of the collections at once, I'll give you the gingham collection for free!!

I would like to order these by the end of the month, so please contact me before Sept 30th if you're interested!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dyeing Ribbon and Flowers

In my recent technique class, I showed everyone how to dye ribbon and the flowers from the Stampin' Up! Pretties Kit. With the moose card, we used a direct to ink pad technique to saturate our ribbon with color (wild wasabi). For the happiness card, we used a solution of Soft Sky ink refill and water and dipped our flower and ribbon to achieve a great color match (ratio was 50 drops of ink to 1 tsp water). I have to say, I much prefer the results with dying tafetta ribbon than grosgrain ribbon. The grosgrain doesn't seem to dye as evenly which isn't very noticeable with lighter colors, but definitely is visible with darker tones.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Christmas Ball Ornament

Well, I have officially begun my Christmas crafts. Here is the first for this year.

I can remember doing these with old greeting card paper in elementary school and I recently saw a kit for one in a scrapbooking store in Abbotsford. That one was a bit bigger, but the basic principles are the same and it really didn't take as long as I thought it would.

In this case I used my 1-3/8" circle punch to make 20 circles out of my Baroque designer series paper from Stampin' Up! Then I scored each circle with three lines so that it looks like a circle with an equilateral triangle drawn inside it with each corner of the triangle touching the edge of the circle. Then the edges are folded in at each score. Each of these folded circle/triangles are then glued together by the flipped up edges until you have a sphere. After that you just get creative with attaching a ribbon so you can hang it from a tree or a garland! I used the lovely chocolate taffeta ribbon.

The next one I make will be a bit bigger and I'm going to try it with my Cerise designer series paper. It will look more festive with some real red, don't you think?