Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To answer a question...

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Spending time on the computer has been such a low priority for me lately. My new little baby along with my two other kids and life in general make for a full day.

Carol wrote a comment on my last post and asked a question about adhering ribbon to cards. Thanks for your comment, Carol, and your compliment!

How do I attach my ribbon so that it stays attached? Carol stated that ribbon tends to fall off with the adhesive she uses. I usually secure my ribbon by tying all the way around the front of my card. Sometimes I will make a hole in the front of the card so I can pull the ribbon through the hole and tie it in place (as on my "play of light" card which you can see if you scroll down the page). The bow hides the hole in most cases.

However, there are times when a ribbon is required to be attached by other means. Sometimes I use a brad or an eyelet to secure the ribbon in place. When using adhesive, I vary between glue dots, sticky strip, and basic white glue. I looked back at a couple cards and found that the ones with glue dots still held after a year (in storage, not in a sunny window, so maybe not a true test :). The plain glue holds well also, but is more difficult to hide when using it to apply ribbon because it makes a permanent wet-look. Liquid glue also takes longer to dry and can be messy. I couldn't find a card that I used sticky strip on, but I think it would hold fairly well. One thing I definitely don't have success with securing ribbon to a project, is SNAIL adhesive. This product is btter left for adhering flat paper to flat paper and is not very reliable for anything else. I love SNAIL for that purpose because it's quick and it's tidy.

So, let me know what you think? Anyone have good luck with any other adhesives for attaching ribbon to a project? I'd love to hear it.

And Carol, I hope you find some better luck with your ribbon from now on!

Happy Stamping!

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