Friday, September 21, 2007

RIBBON SAMPLERS until Sept 30th

I have a very special LIMITED TIME offer for you. Everyone likes the Stampin' Up ribbons, but it's hard to start collecting all the different types and colours. Where do you start? Well, the perfect place to start is to purchase a Ribbon Sampler.

This is how it works: Instead of the huge expense of buying all of the ribbons so that you have an assortment to choose from, you can buy a grouping of ribbons by the yard! Here are the collections and prices for each yard. If you would like, you can buy more than one yard (when my Stampin' Up demo did this over a year ago, I bought 3 yards of all of the gingham ribbons and am still enjoying the benefits of having this selection.)

1 yard each of:
1/4" grosgrain ribbon collection-----$9.46*
5/8" grosgrain ribbon collection-----$7.78*
Tafetta ribbon collection------------$9.94*
In Colour Double Stitched-----------$6.74*
Gingham ribbon collection-----------$5.72*
*BC taxes and shipping are included in the price. If you are out of my area, we can work out the cost of mailing it to your home.

If you get all of the collections at once, I'll give you the gingham collection for free!!

I would like to order these by the end of the month, so please contact me before Sept 30th if you're interested!

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